1st LTT Training in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland - November 20th to 25th 2016

·                  Presentation on the Aistear Infant Project

·                  Visit to 2 local schools Scoil na Maighdine Mhuire and Holy Family School

·                  Presentation on The Integration of SEN Pupils

·                  Presentation on Early Years and Green Schools

·                  Visit to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

·                  Visit to Mary Immaculate College Limerick with presentation on Early Years Education in Ireland.

·                  Visit to King John’s Castle, Limerick

·                  Presentation on Incredible Years Training Programme

·                  Presentation on Early teacher–child relationships.

·                  Presentation on Mata Sa Rang – Training in the Classrroom

·                  Presentation on Active Schools

2nd LTT Training in Reykjavik, Iceland - 30th April to 5th May 2017

·                  Visit to Education Centre of Reykjavik

·                  Presentation on “Children who need support - transition from preschool to primary school. 

·                  Presentation on “The world is here, multicultural education and leisure in Reykjavik” 

·                  Presentation on "How collaboration between pre and primary schools has benefited Breioholt school district " 

·                  Visit to first class and preschool in Breioholt

·                  Visit to classrooms in Langholtssk61i 

·                  Presentation on “Early reading Programme” 

·                  Visit to Autism department in Langholtsskoli. Bjarnveig 

·                  Workshop on “I-pads in the classroom”

·                  Visit to pre-schools and local schools 

3rd LTT Training in Thessaloniki, Greece - 12th to 17th November 2017

·                  Presentation and workshop "But..Why should I go to School"

·                  Presentation and Workshop "Planning activities for effective transitions"

·                  Presentation from Professor Evaggelia Tressou and her Research Team – Aristotle University of    Thessaloniki, Pedagogic Department.

·                  Presentation & workshop “Research Group from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Pedagogic Department”

·                  Presentation & workshop - Transition Program from Preschool to Primary school: “The water as a bridge of communication and collaboration”

·                  Visit Vergina Museum tour

·                  Visit the Famous Veria Library awarded with the Bill and Melinda Gates Prize

·                  Visit Local Schools

·                  Visit the Famous Apostle Paul step the starting point of his tour

4th LTT Training in Zagreb, Croatia – 28th May to 1st June 2018

·                  Presentation “Different forms of storytelling “ - Dr.Marina Gabelica professor from The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education.

·                  Presentation and Workshop “Making the sound stories” - Dr.Marko Gregurić

·                  Visits to kindergarten Bedekovčina.

·                  Visits to Elementary school Matije Gupca Gornja Stubica.

·                  Jasna Held – storytelling workshop.

·                  Presentation “Start to school – children’s perspective”  - Dr. Gordana Keresteš professor from University of Zagreb

·                  Worksop on Entrepreneurial skills development for elementary school students

5th LTT Training in Albertslund, Copenhagen – 19th to 23rd November 2018

·                  Presentation from Head of the Department for Schools and Education in Albertslund - Henriette Krag “The Local Strategy called School for all”

·                  Presentation “Literacy – how we work- Anja van Den Bosch.

·                  Presentation: “Play – how and why we use play in Denmark” - Professor, Ph.D., LAB for Play and Design – the School for Design in Kolding, Helle Marie Skovbjerg.

·                  Visits to 3 local schools – see and be a part of a normal school day.

·                  Presentation – “Movement as a part of the teaching” -  Presented by Head of Projects Thea Julie Rasmussen.

·                  Visit to educational center in Campus Roskilde Absalon for teachers and pedagogue in Trekroner Forskerpark.

·                  Presentation “How to use digital tools in a creative process” – Consultant for Math’s and Science in Albertslund Erik Ottar Jensen

·                  Presentations of the work from the workshop 1 – 3 with recommendations - result of the work in the workshops.

·                  Cultural tour in Copenhagen – theme: “How do we in Copenhagen present history and culture for children” plus a walk through Copenhagen with some different stories.